Our vision is to lift up and help bring Women led projects to the forefront by acquiring the biggest pieces from the many amazing projects like World of Women, Boss Beauties, Fame Lady Squad, Crypto Chicks, and many others. The team will steer the thought process for the community but ultimately it will come down to the holders to vote and determine which assets we acquire. This will be a community built on high morals, giving back, and innovation.

This is an independent initiative not affiliated with World of Women.


DAO’s across this space have specialized in going after specific projects, only “blue chips”, punks or ape centric etc..  

We have noticed many times women led projects are often left out but our team as world of women holders have seen the vision of a future and present within this space where women led projects are seen as equals.

This project will be a heavy advocate for more equality and diversity in Web3. We will serve to onboard more women within this space in a more inclusive way and amplify the voices that aren’t heard as loudly across Web3.  World of Women is widely seen as a blue chip NFT project but the price doesn’t reflect that. This is why it is important to talk about it and create a DAO completely focused and geared toward women led projects. This DAO will allow others to support and uplift these projects while helping build a more inclusive and diverse Web3. That’s why we are here.


80% of initial sales and 75% of secondary will be put toward acquiring assets for the WOW Pixies Vault. 1 Pixie = 1 Vote.



The first plan of action upon sellout is to donate 5 ETH to MMIW USA along with 5 ETH to MMIW Canada. These initial charities were chosen by the founders due to the overwhelming support and resources needed by the Indigenous communities. We understand there are many more organizations out there that stand to help women and we will certainly be highlighting them and giving to a different organization each month by way of the DAO's voting process. 

Second, we will acquire a World of Women royalties club NFT as it has limitless benefits for our DAO and our community as we are firm believers in this project and what it's future entails.

We will deploy snapshot.org to then begin voting on our next steps as a DAO.

WOW Pixie giveaways will happen within the first few days of launching as the team will be reserving 25 NFTs for the team, moderators, and giveaways/marketing.

Building in the metaverse. Sandbox, decentraland, and NFTWorlds are a huge part of our future in the metaverse and we want to put our DAO in a strong position to grow with the rest of this space and begin our journey in building alongside the innovators and visionaries.

The final action for our immediate roadmap before deploying roadmap 2.0 will be creating our WOW Pixies clubs which will be explained below.


Roadmap 2.0 is very extensive and detailed. Please view link for further details.


WOW Pixies will have two clubs within the DAO consistent of only a handful of members who hold certain tokens.


The investors club will brainstorm and bring forth several NFTs and ideas for acquiring assets for the DAO each time we have the funds to do so. The DAO will then vote on the shortened list to determine what we shall do with the funds.


The charity club will identify charities and organizations that us as a DAO will give to each month which will be funded by a percentage of the secondary sale. The DAO will then vote on the list of charities and organizations to determine which one we will give to for that month.


Lawrence Chaney - Founder

Lawrence Chaney is a full time Web3 entrepreneur fully dedicated to expanding the diversity within the space through inclusivity for all backgrounds. Former communications as a union rep within the government.


Lily Wu - Founder

Lily Wu is a huge advocate for women in the Web3 space, and passionate about bringing diversity into tech. As someone at the intersection of art and tech, she’s an ex-7 figure education entrepreneur, Startup Partner Lead at Stripe and illustrator.


Mark Pettersson - Founder

Mark Pettersson is a girl dad, software developer, and 4x WOW minter who wants to make sure female led projects are given their proper due in the space.



Wow pixies NFT is 5,555 randomly generated pixies whose vision is to lift up and help bring Women led projects to the forefront by acquiring the biggest pieces from the many amazing projects like World of Women, Boss Beauties, Fame Lady Squad, Crypto Chicks, and many others. 

Public sale 0.06ETH + gas fees

January 16th at 3pm PST/6pm EST

No, 48 hours after the public mint.

An NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” which is a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs main functions are to be digital art and look cool, some offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites or participation in an event, think of it like a rare piece of art that can also act as a “members” card.